What are the current shipping times?

We try our best to ship by the quickest way possible. Based on the current situation, we ship with different postal services like DHL and FedEx.

Nevertheless, due to more strict controls, limited transportation, and staff availability as a result of the COVID-19 impacts, all processing's and deliveries take a much longer time than usual.

How high does the Floating Plant Pot "float" empty and what is the maximum weight limit for the plant?

When it is empty it levitates 0.8 inches (2 centimeters). The maximum weight is 10.5 ounces (300 grams). The pot will stay around 0.8 inches (2 centimeters).

Does the Floating Plant Pot come with the plant as well?

To give you the total freedom of choice, the Floating Plant Pot does not come with any plant. You can buy any artificial or real plant, even an air plant (which requires no soil and grows from air).

How long can I keep the Floating Plant Pot turned on for? Do I have to turn it off after a certain period of time?

You can have it plugged in and levitating constantly. 365 days a year. We only generally recommend turning the units off if you will be away for a longer period of time, for example if you travel. This is just a general precaution as it is for all electric appliances.

What happens if electricity is lost? Would the Floating Plant Pot fall to the ground?

No need to worry! The Floating Plant Pot would only drop back to the wooden base. This has been tested and is no problem at all.

What are the dimensions of the Floating Plant Pot?

The base wooden is 5.28 x 5.28 x 1.1 inches (13.4 x 13.4 x 2.8 centimeters) - Length x Width x Height

The Floating Plant Pot has a diameter of 3.55 inches (9 centimeters) and a height of 1.97 inches (5 centimeters). You can check the visualization of the dimensions on the images.

What is the warranty for the Floating Plant Pot?

We got your back! We have a one-year warranty in the US and all non-EU territories.