About Us

We created the Floating Plant Pot for one purpose: to introduce air plant growing in the best way where the futuristic look comes with it. Since launching it in 2019, we have received countless emails about the mind-blowing method and the comments people have received for the look.

Plants are like mini universes and there is still so much we don't know about plants. We began exploring the concepts of levitating plants. We are levitating the plant from the ground in mid-air and rotating, so it gets sunlight from all different directions. The idea of a plant not needing soil to grow really fascinated us. That's when we got interested in air plants. Air plants are plants that grow from the air. They don't require any soil. They literally take particles from the air and get nutrients from them. We wanted to create an experience for people in their homes where they can enjoy plants, but in a new way.

Screenshots and copies of the US patents

Contact: contact@floatingplantpot.com